VoiceSpin is a leader in the field of communications solutions in the Asterisk® open code environment in Israel.  The company specializes in providing, developing and integrating telephony solutions and call centers for businesses of all sizes.  The choice of advanced solutions VoiceSpin offers, together with an understanding of business processes, enables our clients to strengthen their customer service, reinforce their marketing, and initiate strategic changes in their business.

The broad knowledge and vast experience in telephony, telecommunications and software are an inseparable part of the abilities VoiceSpin makes available to its clients, and enable us to support them with simple solutions that meet their needs.

VoiceSpin is a subsidiary of Hypatia, www.hypatia.co.il the leading company in Israel for model assimilation and optimization in call centers and analytic CRM.  Since its establishment in 2000, the company has handled variegated projects and has consulted leading companies in the market.  Among its clients are: El Al Israel Airlines, Cellcom, Mifal Hapayis, Bezeq, Bezeq OnLine, Yes, Shikun Ovdim, Bituach Yashir, Yashir Investment House, and others.

We invite you to join the group of VoiceSpin’s clients, which includes dozens of companies, among which are: Lametayel, Beyond Wireless (Ohio based US company), Jumptap, Nogacom Ltd, Masa Acher, Orta Medical, Xelerated, Gini Communication, IMA (Israel Mobile Association) Medical, Next Generation Phone, and others, and to benefit from advanced communications and telephony solutions.