VoiceSpin Asterisk based IP-PBX

The changes and upheavals that the communications world has experienced in the past decade did not leave land-line telephony untouched.  VoIP technology offers a new and broad communications concept specifically for the business world.

VoiceSpin provides you with a complete telephone hub, which makes use entirely of software that sits on the company’s server.  As software that is based on open code – Asterisk – the VoiceSpin telephone hub operates on a Linux operating system, and provides all the common characteristics of organizational hubs.  But unlike classic hubs, the VoiceSpin hub also supports Voice over IP capability.  This combination provides you with a multi-faceted tool that enables your company to benefit from a rich and flexible variety of advanced qualities and abilities that were until now exclusive of large, expensive, and dedicated communications hubs, while providing enormous savings in operating and management costs in both the short and long term.

The VoiceSpin hub includes all the hardware and software you will need, defined and installed according to the client’s requirements, and benefits from high dependability and voice quality, as well as information security of the highest standard.  Thousands of companies of all sizes from around the world are today using the basic product.

We understand that the telephone system in an organization constitutes a decisive factor in the organization’s operations and success.  That is the reason VoiceSpin supplies full, dedicated support, which provides a complete, advanced solution to the needs of our clients, including installation, support and personalization of open code-based hubs.