IVR Accelerator

The voice response system (IVR) is an efficient tool that enables the creation of marketing activities and keeping in constant touch with customers.  This new communications concept, based on VoIP technology, enables you to create a variety of new possibilities for use with IVR through interactive computerized telephony solutions.

VoiceSpin provides you with interactive computerized telephony solutions that integrate with the organization's site and can serve, among other things, to provide information, send and receive SMS, computerized surveys, and billing capability.

Machine solutions for sending IVR.

IVR systems that are interfaced with databases can even serve as a micropayment solution for crediting customers on Internet sites.

VoiceSpin IVR solutions based on the Asterisk infrastructure, integrated with popular database programs, can operate efficiently with hundreds of calls at the same time, and are easily operated through a web interface.

The experience and broad and professional knowledge VoiceSpin provides enable you to benefit from the creation of an appropriate and inclusive solution for your needs rapidly and at very low cost compared to any other solution.