Interactive voice solutions - ivr

The modern marketing world provides a variety of channels and possibilities for contacting customers, but only few of them are channels enabling you to contact the customer low cost, such as sending voice messages. 

The IVR based interactive communications solutions provided by VoiceSpin constitute a platform for a variety of marketing and business applications (marketing, sales, operation and service) directly and personally addressing your customers. These solutions, which include the use of fixed and cellular telephone, fax, SMS and internet, enable you to create campaigns according to the customer's specifications and needs, to enjoy high volume and maximal control of "Time to Market" at low costs.

The VoiceSpin IVR solutions are based on Asterisk® infrastructure; they integrate to popular data bases, and they are capable to efficiently perform hundreds of simultaneous calls easily operated through use of a web interface. 

The extensive experience and the comprehensive knowledge provided by VoiceSpin would allow you to enjoy a creative broad solution matching your needs in a prompt way at negligible costs when compared with any other solution.

The IVR based interactive communications solutions and services provided by VoiceSpin:

Outgoing Calls:

Outgoing voice messages


  SMS messages dispatching

  SMS advanced applications for sales promotions and advertisement

  Fax messages initiating


Incoming Calls:

  Voice mail boxes, integration of typed data and recorded data

  Advertisement campaigns and attractive sales promotions combined with registration through telephone / WEB / SMS



 Possibility of quickly establishing complex systems

Interfacing existing data bases

 High scalability

Intuitive web control interface to the customer