Call Centers

The challenge facing any company that operates a call center is to maximize the results of the center through intelligent and efficient management of human resources with the help of effective technologies.  But the real challenge is to do this rapidly and with costs as low as possible.

VoiceSpin invites you to streamline your organization's call center activities by basing them on VoIP technology, Linux servers and the Asterisk software infrastructure, an Open Source project that provides revolutionary telephony solutions that many call centers around the world are currently using.

VoiceSpin Call Center enables your organization to benefit from a complete and full incoming and outgoing call center solution based on IP, that includes all the required software for efficient management – at a low cost compared to other call center systems.  Moreover, the solution offered by VoiceSpin comprises a Soft Switch on its own, which can serve as a full hub that can be interfaced in a smooth manner with the organization's current infrastructure.

Qualities of the Call Center Accelerator

  CTI: Interfaces to the operation systems in the organization such as the CRM system – for example, uploading screens for an incoming call.
  ACD: Intelligent direction of lines and call groups, ioncluding Skills Based Routing
  Management screens for team managers
  Dialers: Automatic, progressive, predictive
  Graphic reports:  A wide variety of tools for analyzing and coordination ability and flexibility of reports.
  Real time reports:  Line analysis and activities of representatives in real time.  Online presentation of the situation on the screen.
  Recordings:  Digital recording of all calls and easy retrieval for follow-up and for management and training needs.
  Ability to work with a decentralized call center.
  Video Call Center ability

Work methods

VoiceSpin is flexible regarding work possibilities.  We enable work based on the organization's local server or hosted remotely.